Carlos Vásquez
Agregate Professor
Simón Bolívar University
Physics Department
Apartado Postal 89000, Caracas 1080-A, Venezuela
Phone: +58-212-9063563 | e-mail:

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Research Interests

  1. C. Goze, R. Paredes, C. Vásquez, E. Medina D., and A. Hasmy, Three-dimensional rotational Langevin dynamics and the Lebwohl-Lasher model, Physical Review E 63, 042701 (2001)
  2. C. Vásquez, R. Paredes, A. Hasmy, and R. Jullien, New universlity class for the three-dimensional XY model with correlated impurities: application to 4He in aerogels, Physical Review Letters 90 170602 (2003)
  3. J. A. González, A. Bellorín, L. I. Reyes, C. Vásquez, and L. E. Guerrero, Geometrical resonance in spatiotemporal systems, Europhysics Letters 64, 743 (2003) resumen, PDF
  4. J. A. González, A. Bellorín, L. I. Reyes, C. Vásquez, and L. E. Guerrero, Pattern control and suppression of spatiotemporal chaos using geometrical resonance, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 22, 693 (2004) resumen
  5. C. Vásquez and R. Paredes, Effects of aerogel-like disorder on the critical behavior of O(m)--vector models. Recent simulations and experimental evidences, Condensed Matter Physics 9, 305 (2006)
  6. R. Paredes and C. Vásquez, Three-dimensional Ising model confined in low-porosity aerogels: A Monte Carlo study, Physical Review B 74, 054201 (2006)

Students Advised
  1. Bernardo Zubillaga, Undergraduate Thesis (Universidad Simón Bolívar, Caracas, 2010)

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